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New Patients at Spinous Chiropractic Center

When you come into our practice, prepare to feel welcome! Our staff is here to greet you and make your visit a comfortable one. The initial visit will be about 45-60 minutes.

Please complete our online forms prior to your visit to expedite the registration process. If you have prior imaging or test results, we ask that you bring those as well, along with your ID and insurance cards.


Adjusting table

The Initial Consultation

After all paperwork is complete, a staff member will show you to a consultation room. Dr. Leon will come in to speak with you about your problem. He’ll listen to all the details and may have questions to get a full picture of your issue.

Next is a complete examination consisting of a physical exam, orthopedic testing, and a neurological exam. If X-rays are necessary, they’ll be taken at this point. After the films are done, Dr. Leon will go over the results with you.

In the report of findings, you’ll receive a diagnosis, what needs to be done to correct the issue, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. The doctor will answer any questions and concerns. The final decision to continue or not is always yours.

If you approve the care plan, you will then receive your first adjustment.

Financial Arrangements

All financial arrangements are discussed with Dr. Leon on the first visit. He will review the results of the insurance verification and advise patients of their financial responsibility prior to treatment.

Medicare, HSA and FSA plans, and major credit cards are accepted. Documentation will be provided for insurance claim submission.


Initial New Patient Visit – $80-200, depending on whether X-rays are necessary
Adjustments – $28-52, depending on the adjustment

We’re Here for You

Let us help restore your health, and get back to enjoying life again. Contact us at (575) 524-0400 to book an appointment.

New Patients at Spinous Chiropractic Center | (575) 524-0400